5 Most Common Fashion Rules You Should Never Break

fashion rules you should never break

Have you ever heard someone, or at least public figure, got caught by the fashion police? There is no hesitation because they do such a “criminal” for fashion. Thus, you need to know the fashion rules you should never break. We are here about to discuss that thing. Because even though you are not a star and won’t be shotted by paparazzi, there are common rules that you are definitely wrong if go through that line. See what that means is in this article.

fashion rules you should never break

Actually, there is no official or legal institution that makes the fashion rules. The rules are something that common or usually held by fashion people as their principle. But as for the ordinary people, you can refer to these three things. First, dress based on your body type which requires you to understand your body shape. Second, never put many patterns at the same time. And the last is stick to the color that fits in your skin tone. See these fashion rules you should never break below for deeper understanding:

1. Don’t Meet Navy with Black

It is about the color combination. We don’t recommend you to combine navy with black. Both of them are dark, so you will get “stuck” in defining yourself on the public. You might find some people keep doing this. Well, if you insist to do it, then try to add accessories that stand out for each color.

2. Never Put Gold and Silver at the Same Place

It is not only applied for jewelry and other accessories. Once you choose gold or silver, just pick one of them. If you are not a good mixer, then just forget the idea to put these metals in the layer. On the other hand, while you only put one of them, your look will be simpler or minimalist.

3. No Leather in Summer or Spring

When the weather is in summer or spring, it is the time to express your fashion. But this time is not suitable for your leather jacket or any outfit with it. This material won’t comfort you all day. Even though you mix the cute tank top with a leather jacket and short jeans, it is still a mistake to do. So, hold on your desire to get around with the leather.

4. Short Women Should Avoid the Long Dress

Do you remember when we said you should understand your body shape above? Yes, this is the right example to clear your mind. While you have a short body, never consider buying a long dress. It will make yourself look shorter than before. Moreover, when you buy one that doesn’t fit in your body shape.

5. Forget the Socks when You Wear Sandals

Have you ever imagined to wear socks while you are wearing sandals? There is nobody wants to advise this to you, including us. No compromise to meet them at the same time. If you wear sandals, that is the time to show what your feet have. Don’t hide your nail color behind the socks.

Maybe you think that fashion is really overwhelming. Because you have to deal with colors, patterns, the right event, and many more. Don’t be worried about that stuff. Just follow the fashion rules you should never break above, then your day will be okay.