Awesome! These Are Fashion Tricks And Tips for Short Men You Should Try

fashion tricks and tips for short men

Fashion can be one of the most important things for everyone to give the impression at first sight. Men usually do not put too much attention on their fashion style. They love using simple clothes pairing with good pants and then just use comfortable shoes. However, in this society, many women wondering for a tall man. But available some fashion tricks and tips for short men to create a good look.

fashion tricks and tips for short men

Being short is one problem for men because you all know that tall men always look more handsome. You can resolve this problem by following fashion tricks and tips for short men. You don’t need to be insecure again about your height because you can have a good look with your short body. The first rule you should remember is you can use any clothes even you love those clothes. Let’s go further!

1. Avoid Loose Fitting Clothes

Being short means you can use any clothes you want. Even the trend shows some men using loose-fitting clothes, it will never work on short men. You will have a better look if you wear skinny clothes that fit your body. It will make you have a good looking body, not too tall but also not too short. Loose-fitting clothes only make you as if swallowed by your clothes and it is not good.

2. Use High Cut Pants

Other tips for short men fashion style is using high cut pants that never touch your shoes. This may look so simple but it succeeds to create the effect your body looks taller than before. When you use the too-long pants, your legs will look shorter and it can disturb the fashion style. Show a little part of your legs to create a different layer so you will look taller.

3. Avoid Oversized Details

Being short sometimes gives another difficulty when buying some fashion stuff. Because outside there, some manufactured garments only produced the usual size which is for normal or tall men. Never wear oversized clothes like T-shirt because it can show your neck and makes you look shorter. Also, avoid some additional details on your T-shirt like a chest pocket. Choose plain or if you want something different, you can try small scale patterns T-shirts.

4. Wear Proportionate Accessories

If you are a short man, you should be careful while choosing the right accessories. You should be smart and choose the right size, not too big because it can look bad on you. Try to use a 36 mm watch on your hand to give a different pattern and put other’s attention to it. Big size watch will only make your hand looks smaller and it can show that you are that skinny. It also happens with other accessories like ties, glasses, or hats.

These are some fashion tricks and tips for short men you can easily try. You may think that these things will not match on you but just try to use it first. But still, the most important thing above the fashion style is your comfortable side. Try to using high-cut shoes and combined with high pants and look at your great body in the mirror.