The Best Hat To Wear After Hair Transplant You Will Ever Find!

best hat to wear after hair transplant

Do you have a condition where your hairs are not growing and make you had a bald head? Then you may ever think to try a hair transplant so you can fix it. Many factors can cause a bald head, like stress, overthinking, or age. before you do that, you need to know the best hat to wear after hair transplant.

You should understand that you can’t use a hat under the sixth day after the hair transplant. It can damage the hair you transplant before and also dislodging them. If you in an urgent condition that needs the hat, then you should use the loose hat. Here is some kind of the best hat to wear after hair transplant for you!

1. Tweed Cap

After a hair transplant surgery, if you want to use a hat, you try this tweed cap. This type of hat will cover all of your head without giving serious damage to your surgery. You don’t need to be afraid of a bad look because this hat can also improve your style as long as you make it right. Try to mix this hat with a leather jacket, jeans, and a white shirt.

2. Trucker Hat

If you want to have a hat that safe for your surgery and also match with your casual style, you can try this trucker hat. A trucker hat will make you have a good look without choosing the most appropriate style. This hat will perfect if the weather feels hot and you still comfortable because of the airy design. It is the best hat that will not make you sweat.

3. Baseball Cap

This is one of the most fashionable hats that almost everyone had in their room. You can also use this baseball cap as long as you had a big size than the usual one. Before you use this hat, try to communicate with your doctor first to avoid any dangerous effects. Try this hat in the summer with your stylish suits.

4. Bucket Hat

This is the most comfortable hat that will give you a good look with full coverage protection. You can use this hat if you had a lot of hair transplant on your had. You can combine this hat with your unique bad-good vibes that many people use right now.

5. Knitted Hat

This is one type of hat that David Beckham uses after he got a hair transplant too. The smoothness of this hat will give no mean pressure on your surgery so it is safer than others. Also, knitted hat usually more elastic so it can adjust with your head shape so you can feel more comfortable. Above all, you can combine this hat with your fashion style.

So these are some of the best hat to wear after hair transplant you have searching for. Make sure you use all of these kinds of hat one week after your surgery to make make sure the hair recovers and strong enough. Above all, don’t forget to communicate with your doctor so they can give you another better choice.

Choosing The Best Color Tuxedo For Wedding To Look Good

best color tuxedo for wedding

A wedding is an occasion where people must wear their best clothes and look their best. Whether they are coming as a groom or an invitation, wearing the best outfit is a must. These days, many men prefer to wear more casual laid-back suiting because it is a trend. However, tuxedo will be suiting that will never grow old and always look good for a wedding. To look good, make sure you choose the best color tuxedo for wedding that suits you the best.

When choosing a tuxedo, many men usually get confused about the design and the color to wear. For the design, adjust it with the theme of the wedding. You should consider things like is it a traditional or a modern wedding and the place of the wedding. As for the colors of the tuxedo, you should also consider what the bride and bridesmaid are wearing. The time of the event is also important when determining the color of the tuxedo. Well, to help you out, here are some options for the best color tuxedo for wedding that you can try:

1. Navy Tuxedos

This is one of the most popular and easy uses of colors of tuxedo that many men wear. Navy is a very general color that can match almost any other color and theme. It is great for a classic, new and modern theme wedding too. Whether the event is inside or outside, navy tuxedos will always suit the place. Most men wear this color for the evening and indoor occasion. However, wearing them for a morning outdoor wedding will also be great, as it will show the color.

2. Light Grey

If you are planning an event in the summertime warm months, then choose the light grey color. Grey tuxedos have become many people’s favorite because it looks warm and relaxing. Therefore, this color is best to wear outside even in the daytime. 

3. Dark Grey

The next best color tuxedo for wedding is dark grey for either the groom or groom’s man. Dark grey is suitable for any kind of person, whether they are tanned, white or black. The color is just lovable, making anyone who wears it look good. This color is best to wear for inside events in the evening. Because it gives a more formal look compared to the light grey color.

4. Black

The most classic and common color of a tuxedo at a wedding is black. This color is timeless and will match for anything and anywhere. Whether you are attending a modern or classic wedding, the black color suit will just go with it. The only way to make it different is the design of the tuxedo and the tie you must wear. Other than that, black is a safe color to wear.

5. White

Many people might not be brave enough to wear a white tuxedo, but they are also a great option. White tuxedo is also a great color to wear for any kind of skin. Because it will make the person look better with the color. However, this color is best to wear in a daytime event rather than night events.

After choosing the best color tuxedo for wedding, make sure to also choose the right fabric. The right color will only make the outside looking good. But to look good, people must feel comfortable too, therefore make sure to choose the right fabric. So, by having the right fabric and color, you can look the best wearing the tuxedo at a wedding. 

How To Wear Sweatshirt With Skirt That All Women Should Know

how to wear sweatshirt with skirt

A woman has a wider fashion world than we ever expected before. If usually, we see some style, now it growth become many styles and design. One of the most exist shirt among women is a sweatshirt. This shirt is commonly suitable used just for a few styles with pants. However, now it is more than the combination between sweatshirts and pants. Let’s see the way how to wear sweatshirt with skirt that all women should know about it.

1. The Combination of A Sweatshirt and A Short Skirt

Not only short pants, but short skirts also become a great combination with sweatshirts. If you wonder how to look sexy but comfortable, you might wear a sweatshirt and a short skirt. You just need to add flat shoes or even sneakers as an additional fashion. However, if you want to look sexier than comfortable, you might wear heels. On the other hand, you might not worry about the material combination. You can wear any material of skirts such as denim or leather.  Just choose what makes you look better.

2. A Big size Sweatshirt and Short skirt

You might try to combine your style with your own creativity like this one, a big size sweatshirt with a short skirt. This style is not strange or messy but it shows the cute side of you. However, the big size of sweatshirt will make you look simple and cool. Even it combines with the short skirt, it not makes you ugly or looks messy.

3. The Combination of A Sweatshirt and A Pencil Skirt

However, if you don’t want to show your feet more to wear a short skirt, you might still wear a pencil skirt which is longer than a short skirt. It does not show many of your feet. Moreover, the pencil skirt is also possible and great to combine with a sweatshirt in any kind of material. You might wear heels, flat shoes, or even sneakers as the additional. In addition, the pencil skirt will show more of your body shape and make you look sexier than usual. However, the pencil skirt also looks more formal to wear at the office than the usual skirt.

4. A Sweatshirt And A Midi Skirt

Midi shirt almost has the same length as a pencil skirt. However, a midi skirt is wider than a pencil skirt and it doesn’t show your body shape. Indeed, a midi skirt and sweatshirt will not show your sexy side, but it shows your casual look with comfortable outfits. This combination will be perfect by adding sneakers or simple shoes. However, this outfit is suitable for use in casual events and informal events.

5. The Combination of Leather Pencil Skirt And Sweatshirt

We may know that a pencil skirt has many kinds of material including leather material. However, the leather material will look glossier than cotton or denim. The glossy effect of a pencil skirt commonly becomes an interesting side of this skirt. However, a woman likes to wear this skirt because they look more elegant and glossy.   You might also add an elegant accent by wearing heels, a black glossy bag, and others.

There are many ways on how to wear sweatshirt with skirt. You might try to combine your sweatshirt with any kind of skirt based on your creativity. Indeed, you might consider the final look and also the comfort.

The Basics of Casino Games

On the off chance that you’ve never been to a gambling club, it would be ideal in the event that you saw a portion of the essentials of club games before going just because. Also, regardless of whether you’re an old hand at heading off to the gambling club, it tends to be useful to audit them too.

I like to think about a club as resembling the zone in the jubilee with the games. Nobody goes into the fair games area hoping to turn out demonstrating a benefit. The games are totally fixed here and there against the player.

Indeed, even in the games where you contend with different players for prizes, the prizes are worth so minimal comparative with the section expense that the whole experience isn’t beneficial over the long haul.

Gambling club games share a ton for all intents and purpose with festival games, yet they improve chances.

My objective with this post is to clarify the essentials of gambling club games in straightforward language yet dive into enough detail that you comprehend what you’re in for when you visit.

You’re Dealing With Two Types of Casino Games

More often than not, games at gambling clubs can be sorted into two kinds:

Betting machines

Table games

Betting machines incorporate slot machines and video poker games. These aren’t the main sorts of betting machines in the gambling club, however. You’ll additionally now discover video forms of roulette, blackjack, or other gambling club games, as well.

Table games, then again, incorporate games like blackjack and baccarat. They likewise incorporate craps and other shakers games (like sic bo), just as roulette and different games with turning wheels (like Big Six).

In the two cases, the house plays with a numerical edge against the players, yet the way bets and payouts are taken care of are unobtrusively (yet critically) unique.

At the point when you put down a wager on a table game, your result for that wager is given to you notwithstanding your underlying bet. Be that as it may, when you put down a wager on a betting machine, you’re exchanging your bet for the result.

At the point when you express these wagers in chances position, it’s the contrast between saying you get paid 2 to 1 and saying you get paid 2 for 1.

In case no doubt about it “2 to 1,” you make a benefit of two units. In case that is no joke “2 for 1,” you make a benefit of one unit.

The House Edge versus the Payback Percentage

Accordingly, when gambling club administrators and game planners talk about the math behind these club games, they utilize two distinct measures for that. These measures are firmly related however.

When discussing table games, they measure the gambling club house edge. This is a rate that speaks to the normal measure of cash a player is relied upon to lose from each wager as time goes on.

For instance, if a club game has a house edge of 1%, the gambling club hopes to win a normal of $1 for each $100 the player wagers on that game over an extensive stretch of time.

Three Slot Machines in Casino

The restitution rate, then again, is the measure of each wager that gets took care of as rewards. This is the manner by which club and game originators measure betting machines.

For instance, if an slot machine has a restitution level of 99%, gambling club hopes to pay out a normal of 99 pennies for each dollar bet on that machine in rewards.

You could without much of a stretch use both of these estimations for either sort of game. A space machine with a 99% restitution rate has a 1% house edge, and a table game with a 1% house edge additionally has a 99% recompense rate.

Each Game Pays Out at Lower Odds Than the Odds of Winning

In the event that you played a basic club game where you needed to figure the victor of a coin flip, you’d face a game where you’d equal the initial investment over the long haul, isn’t that so?

Wrong. That would possibly be valid if the wager paid off at even chances.

In the event that you played a game where you needed to chance $1 each estimate to win 90 pennies, the other person would have a reasonable scientific bit of leeway.

Each time you lost, you’d lose a dollar. Each time you won, you’d win 90 pennies. You’d normal a five-penny misfortune on each wager over a significant stretch of time.

In the short run, you could luck out and go on a series of wins. You could likewise have misfortune and go on a losing streak. That doesn’t change the math behind the game, which guarantees that the gambling club will be the victor over the long haul.

Most Casino Games Have a Simple Gimmick That Gives Them an Edge

The most straightforward model I am aware of to portray how a club gets an edge is blackjack. Since you and the seller are essentially playing by similar principles, you can hit your hand until you find a good pace higher, in which case you quickly lose. It ought to be an even-cash game, correct?

The trick in blackjack is that you play your hand before the seller plays his hand. In the event that you get a sum of 22 or higher, you lose quickly, before the seller even plays his hand. In the event that the vendor busts, as well, you don’t get a tied outcome. You’ve just lost.

Vendor Standing By Blackjack Table

Another model that is straightforward is roulette. Take any of the even cash wagers on the game, similar to a wager on dark.

You have 38 potential results on a roulette wheel. 20 of them are red. 18 of them are dark. In the event that you played 38 numerically immaculate roulette turns, you’d lose multiple times and win multiple times, which would bring about a total deficit of two units.

That compares to a normal misfortune for each turn of 5.26%.

It’s Impossible to Overcome the Edge in Most Casino Games

You can get an edge via card including in blackjack, however this is an excellent capacity. What’s more, the gambling clubs will attempt to prevent you from doing it. Essentially, in the event that you include cards in blackjack, you keep an unpleasant bookkeeping of what number of low cards and high cards have been managed out of the deck.

At the point when the deck gets unbalanced and has a higher level of pros and 10s in it than it in any case should, you have a higher likelihood of getting a blackjack. That is additionally called a whiz.

At the point when you get such a give, it’s a moment champ. What’s more, it pays off at 3:2 (typically). In the event that you have more cash in real life when you’re bound to get a 3:2 payout, you’ll end up with a beneficial circumstance in the long haul.

Most club games don’t offer this chance. Slot online uang asli machines, for instance, have probabilities customized into their arbitrary number generators. There’s nothing you can do to change those probabilities, or even to precisely gauge what they are.

At the point when you’re shooting craps, you don’t have any genuine authority over how the bones land. A few defenders of a procedure called “dice setting” guarantee to have the option to change the chances of getting a negative result, yet most authentic betting scholars I know are incredulous.

You have no power over where the ball arrives on a roulette wheel. A few card sharks figure you can get an edge by timing a haggle out where the ball is bound to land. This may work on the off chance that you could discover roulette wheels that were one-sided somehow or another.

However, in present day club, roulette wheels are all around thought about and supplanted when they give indications of wear. The chances on the vast majority of them are what you’d anticipate.

Wagering Systems Don’t Work on Casino Games Either

Club wagering frameworks are utilized as a methodology for raising and bringing down your wager sizes dependent on what occurred on past wagers. For instance, in case you’re playing in one framework, you may raise the size of your wagers until you’ve won a specific sum.

Suppose you’re playing roulette utilizing a framework called the “Paroli” framework. You will probably get a major success by winning multiple times in succession. You increment the size of your wager each time you win until you hit a series of wins that keeps going four twists.

You start with a $5 wager. You win, so you wager $10 on turn #2. You win once more, so you wager $20. You win once more, and you have $40 to appear for it.

Club Roulette Wheel

More often than not, you will lose before you find a good pace wager, yet now and again, the series of wins will compensate for those misfortunes.

It’s the turn around of a framework called the Martingale, where you twofold the size of your wager each time you lose. That framework doesn’t generally work either. The objective with that framework is to recover your misfortunes and benefit by one unit after a losing streak.

The issue is that you’ll inevitably hit a losing mark that is so long, you’ll be not able to put down the following wager in the framework since you won’t have enough cash to. Or then again you’ll chance upon the gambling club’s most extreme wager.

The Only Thing That DOES Work Reliably Is Joining the Slots Club

The players club or the spaces club is constantly a decent arrangement. They give you back a level of your misfortunes as money refunds and comped nourishment and amusement. The rate is little enough that the gambling club despite everything makes a lot of benefit.

Indeed, even the players club has weaknesses, however. Furthermore, no, I’m not proposing you accept the scheme scholars who think you’ll lose all the more regularly when playing with your players club card embedded.

The downside to the players club is that you’re giving the gambling club authorization to market to you by means of standard mail and email. What’s more, on the off chance that you believe you’re invulnerable to publicizing, admirably… I have news for you.

None of us are resistant to promoting. It resembles mentally programming. Indeed, even individuals who know about indoctrinating procedures and who realize they’re being mentally conditioned are as yet helpless to mentally programming’s belongings.

Nothing is free right now, that is doubly evident when managing the gambling clubs.


Those are, in my view, the most significant rudiments to recall when you’re visiting a gambling club just because, or in any event, for the umpteenth time.

What nuts and bolts do you figure I ought to have secured that I didn’t? I’d prefer to get notification from you in the remarks.

About Fashion And The Online Fashion Sites List You Should Check

online fashion sites list

Nowadays, men and women use fashion as part of their lifestyle. Women and men not only use clothing as a barrier to coldness, the covering of genitalia, and various other functions.  They use fashionable clothes.  The style that is developing now is a reference for using up-to-date clothing.  Some of them even search through the internet for the best and up to date fashion references through the online fashion sites list.

Know the Development of Fashion from Time to Time

Humans know clothing from prehistoric times.  A simple form as a barrier to the cold air around.  Ancient humans made it from animal skins.  A simple style, such as a simple function. Entering the Middle Ages, the style of dress is increasingly developing.  The development of the style of dress carried out by the kings and the French socialists.  That is why this country has become the center of Fashion until now.

Enter the millennial era.  Fashion is not only about clothing and its function.  But rather the lifestyle and appearance.  Many people spend their funds, just for the sake of getting fashionable and up to date fashion.  Nowadays, it is easy to find information through the Internet.  Including searching for fashion references on several online fashion sites list.

5 Popular Online Fashion Sites List

Technology is increasingly developing, making it easier for people to find information, especially through the Internet.  Including looking for fashion references for men and women.  The following is the online fashion sites list: 


This site provides fashion references for men.  For men who are confused to find the right fashion to attend certain events can visit this site.  Not only clothes but on this site, there are also references to hairstyles and appearance.

2. menshealth.cim

This site provides fashion references for men.  You can look fashionable in front of people by visiting this site.  Thus, you can stay fashionable by learning how to dress on this site.


This site is a site that provides fashion references for women.  Not only about fashion, but this site also informs the creation of unused women’s clothing.


Just like its name, this site informing about tidbits of the fashion industry. Information about fashion for women and creations that make useless items useful can visit this site.


A very popular site in America, present in Indonesia as well as a fashion reference for women.  This site presents timeless fashion and informs you of some up to date fashion.  This site is quite famous among fashion designers, as a reference. Especially for those of you who are confused looking for fashion references.  Can visit this site, some photos become fashion inspiration as a reference to help choose the right fashion style.

A Glance at the Fashion Business

The development of fashion now can be a promising business opportunity. The development of fashion from time to time makes this business can develop rapidly. You can sell fashion products from the reference fashion site list as well as from the fashion that popular at the time.  Surely you will reap many benefits. Especially now that fashion is not only for women.  The men also use fashion as part of their lifestyle. 

Awesome! These Are Fashion Tricks And Tips for Short Men You Should Try

fashion tricks and tips for short men

Fashion can be one of the most important things for everyone to give the impression at first sight. Men usually do not put too much attention on their fashion style. They love using simple clothes pairing with good pants and then just use comfortable shoes. However, in this society, many women wondering for a tall man. But available some fashion tricks and tips for short men to create a good look.

fashion tricks and tips for short men

Being short is one problem for men because you all know that tall men always look more handsome. You can resolve this problem by following fashion tricks and tips for short men. You don’t need to be insecure again about your height because you can have a good look with your short body. The first rule you should remember is you can use any clothes even you love those clothes. Let’s go further!

1. Avoid Loose Fitting Clothes

Being short means you can use any clothes you want. Even the trend shows some men using loose-fitting clothes, it will never work on short men. You will have a better look if you wear skinny clothes that fit your body. It will make you have a good looking body, not too tall but also not too short. Loose-fitting clothes only make you as if swallowed by your clothes and it is not good.

2. Use High Cut Pants

Other tips for short men fashion style is using high cut pants that never touch your shoes. This may look so simple but it succeeds to create the effect your body looks taller than before. When you use the too-long pants, your legs will look shorter and it can disturb the fashion style. Show a little part of your legs to create a different layer so you will look taller.

3. Avoid Oversized Details

Being short sometimes gives another difficulty when buying some fashion stuff. Because outside there, some manufactured garments only produced the usual size which is for normal or tall men. Never wear oversized clothes like T-shirt because it can show your neck and makes you look shorter. Also, avoid some additional details on your T-shirt like a chest pocket. Choose plain or if you want something different, you can try small scale patterns T-shirts.

4. Wear Proportionate Accessories

If you are a short man, you should be careful while choosing the right accessories. You should be smart and choose the right size, not too big because it can look bad on you. Try to use a 36 mm watch on your hand to give a different pattern and put other’s attention to it. Big size watch will only make your hand looks smaller and it can show that you are that skinny. It also happens with other accessories like ties, glasses, or hats.

These are some fashion tricks and tips for short men you can easily try. You may think that these things will not match on you but just try to use it first. But still, the most important thing above the fashion style is your comfortable side. Try to using high-cut shoes and combined with high pants and look at your great body in the mirror.

5 Most Common Fashion Rules You Should Never Break

fashion rules you should never break

Have you ever heard someone, or at least public figure, got caught by the fashion police? There is no hesitation because they do such a “criminal” for fashion. Thus, you need to know the fashion rules you should never break. We are here about to discuss that thing. Because even though you are not a star and won’t be shotted by paparazzi, there are common rules that you are definitely wrong if go through that line. See what that means is in this article.

fashion rules you should never break

Actually, there is no official or legal institution that makes the fashion rules. The rules are something that common or usually held by fashion people as their principle. But as for the ordinary people, you can refer to these three things. First, dress based on your body type which requires you to understand your body shape. Second, never put many patterns at the same time. And the last is stick to the color that fits in your skin tone. See these fashion rules you should never break below for deeper understanding:

1. Don’t Meet Navy with Black

It is about the color combination. We don’t recommend you to combine navy with black. Both of them are dark, so you will get “stuck” in defining yourself on the public. You might find some people keep doing this. Well, if you insist to do it, then try to add accessories that stand out for each color.

2. Never Put Gold and Silver at the Same Place

It is not only applied for jewelry and other accessories. Once you choose gold or silver, just pick one of them. If you are not a good mixer, then just forget the idea to put these metals in the layer. On the other hand, while you only put one of them, your look will be simpler or minimalist.

3. No Leather in Summer or Spring

When the weather is in summer or spring, it is the time to express your fashion. But this time is not suitable for your leather jacket or any outfit with it. This material won’t comfort you all day. Even though you mix the cute tank top with a leather jacket and short jeans, it is still a mistake to do. So, hold on your desire to get around with the leather.

4. Short Women Should Avoid the Long Dress

Do you remember when we said you should understand your body shape above? Yes, this is the right example to clear your mind. While you have a short body, never consider buying a long dress. It will make yourself look shorter than before. Moreover, when you buy one that doesn’t fit in your body shape.

5. Forget the Socks when You Wear Sandals

Have you ever imagined to wear socks while you are wearing sandals? There is nobody wants to advise this to you, including us. No compromise to meet them at the same time. If you wear sandals, that is the time to show what your feet have. Don’t hide your nail color behind the socks.

Maybe you think that fashion is really overwhelming. Because you have to deal with colors, patterns, the right event, and many more. Don’t be worried about that stuff. Just follow the fashion rules you should never break above, then your day will be okay.

Cool But Unpopular Fashion Trends For Women

Cool But Unpopular Fashion Trends

Fashion has become a necessity for humans. Not only to protect the body from the weather and sunburn but to make it look attractive. It turns out that many fashion trends are actually cool but not so much in demand. The following is an example of cool but unpopular fashion trends.

Cool But Unpopular Fashion Trends

1. Midi Skater Dress

This dress is an old fashion trend that is around the 90s. This Midi Skater dress has stitches at the waist to connect the top with the bottom skirt. The top of this dress is made not too big so that it fits with the body.

As for the cut parts, the skirt can be made wide or like a span skirt. It is unfortunate if this trend is not popular and less attractive to most people. By using this dress mode will highlight the feminine and elegant side of people who use it.

2. Schoolgirl Look

One cool but unpopular fashion trends is the schoolgirl look. Korea and Japan are countries that have this clothing trend. Looks like a high school uniform seems to be a popular trend because it will make those who wear it look attractive.

Although synonymous with formal wear, but with an interesting mix will make this look a little casual. The must-have item to make this appearance is the A-line skirt. With this skirt, you can mix and match it with a long sleeve top, shirt, beret, and casual shoes.

3. Neon Colored Clothes

This fashion trend is not so popular among the people. This is because of the use of neon colors that are too striking that makes people afraid to use them.But actually this trend is cool enough to be worn especially by youth.

With this neon color, it will make the wearer look cheerful. These fluorescent clothes will be better worn during the rainy season where the sky becomes dark. That’s when people who wear neon colors will look the most striking than others.

4. Dress Over Blouse

The next cool but unpopular fashion trends are dress over blouse. This dress can be used throughout the spring and summer.The key to this dress is very simple, which is enough to combine matching overalls and blouse.

To make it more interesting to match the color so it does not appear monotonous. This clothing trend will be suitable for anyone especially women who wear hijab. This look will make women who use it look feminine, active and casual.

5. Ruffle Blouse

This ruffle outfit is a really cool trend to wear. Unfortunately, this trend is not very popular or not interested in some people.Even though this ruffle blouse will make women who wear it look beautiful and elegant.

That way, any woman can use this on formal or semi-formal occasions. There are several types of this ruffle blouse including a blouse full of ruffle and a blouse with a little ruffle accent on the arms and neck. This outfit will be suitable for people who like to wear dresses but still want to look simple.

That was about the cool but unpopular fashion trends for women. With these trends, it can provide information to women about fashion trends that are less popular. So, there will be more variations of fashion that is used and makes the person very fashionable.

The Most Controversial Fashion Design Ever

Fashion designers always compete with each other in order to create better ideas. Yet, creating new ideas can be hard. It also cannot be done carelessly. Sometimes, this new idea can be a ‘hit or misses’. People can either like the design or hate it. Sometimes, It also may create some cons. Here is the list of the most controversial fashion design ever!

1. Hairy Swimsuit

A fashion retailer called Beloved Shirts releases a swimsuit collection that has a man’s hairy body picture. The collection is called ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’. It is available in three skin color choices.

This swimsuit raises many cons opinion because of its design that resembles a man’s body. Many people think that the design looks inappropriate. Thus, other people think that it is a unique design.

2. Nazi Sweater

One of the biggest fashion brands, Zara, releases a children fashion sweater that rises some cons. The sweater resembles Nazi prison clothes in World War II. It has black and white stripes motifs, stars symbols and numbers. It makes the sweater more similar with the prison clothes. This design becomes one of the most controversial fashion design ever.

After its releases for a couple of hours, the Spain fashion brand directly apologizes for the event. The company stated that the design is not prison clothes but a costume of cowboy sheriff.

3. Bloody Fashion Sweater

On May 4th, 1970, there were four Kent State University students being shot by the Ohio National Guard. This tragedy inspires the Urban Outfitters sweater design. The sweater has the writing of ‘Kent State University’ with bloodstain motifs. It soon becomes one of the most controversial fashion design ever.

Following the case, the Urban Outfitters claimed that it is not a bloodstain motif. Instead, it was holes motifs that supposed to make an often used impression.

4. Handcuffs Sneakers

In 2012, Adidas release a sneakers collection that has handcuffs accessories. The company then pulls back all the products because it raises some pros cons. Many people think that sneakers promote slavery. Jeremy Scott, however, stated that the design is not for insulting or associated with slavery. After that, Adidas apologizes because of the event and will not sell the sneakers.

5. Figure Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana figure earrings design become one of the most controversial fashion designs ever. The earrings have a dark skin woman figure, which rated as racism by many people.  It also creates the stereotype of a certain race. The company stated that the earrings inspire from Moorish.

6. Lazy Shirt

JCPenney released a white sweater which raises some cons. The cons opinion arises because of the writing in the sweater. The writing on the sweater has believed to be provocation towards children. It makes children become lazy in doing homework. Because of this case, the company decided to pull back the product in 2011.

The controversies above are the most controversial fashion design ever. It usually derived from a ‘hit or miss’ design. These designs come from lots of new ideas that happen in the fashion industry. It is important to create new ideas, but paying attention to consumer opinion is also important. Therefore, fashion ideas should be fulfilling consumers’ wishes and needs.

Fashion Police: What You Shouldn’t Wear To A Wedding

what you shouldn't wear to a wedding

A wedding should be a special celebration for every couple. When you are invited, it is an honor, so you have to attend. Some people are preparing themselves very well to look beautiful and neat while at the party. Sadly, some others are wearing the wrong appearance or accessories. If you won’t get the same mistakes, read this article because we will discuss “what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding”.

what you shouldn't wear to a wedding

Probably you have searched on the internet about fashion mistakes for the guess wedding. Then, you find almost all articles showed the mistakes for the women. Well, man, you are wrong. Just because you don’t wear jewelry or bring a bag, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the mistakes too. So, just see what we have below about what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding, and never ever try to come to the party with it.

1. Denim

Just because it is your friend’s wedding, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to go with jeans. Being casual with jeans is a big no for the party. If you love the blue color, then you can wear a sky-blue long-sleeved shirt. Or, if you are a woman, you can choose the baby blue dress or a jumpsuit with a certain fabric.

2. Sparkly Metallics

Probably you want to be noticed with everybody at the party. But, wearing a sparkly metallics color is not a good idea. You are not the king or queen there, so, just forget to attract people’s attention. Even though the wedding is set informal, too much beading or sparkle is disturbing. On the other hand, wearing a sparkly gown is still okay, but just don’t go to be like a wedding dress.

3. White

You might think white is calm, elegant, or any good thing. Contrarily, if the wedding dress code is not white, we don’t recommend you to wear white attire. The white color is only for the bridge. Never steal her spot in the party with your stunning white appearance. As the guess, just let the queen stands alone for that day.

4. No Short

This part is strictly related to all men out there. Even the sun feels so hot, it is not polite wearing short to the wedding. We know that it would be hard but just hold for a while during the wedding only. You can solve the weather by choosing light long pants with linen.

5. Too Many Rips and Holes

This is the very often mistakes happen. A dress with rips and holes might loon unique. But can you imagine if the design has it too many? People will think you want to show your skin under fashion. Sadly, it is the wrong moment to do. See yourself in the mirror before deciding to wear that dress with rips and holes.

We know that recently the wedding has lesser rules, except for the traditional wedding ceremony. If you come to a traditional wedding, there are strict rules to follow. For example, you can’t use black for the Hindu ceremony, or red for Chinese weddings. Understanding what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding is not only keeping your fashion safe. More than that, it is to appreciate the happiest day of someone.