Fashion Police: What You Shouldn’t Wear To A Wedding

what you shouldn't wear to a wedding

A wedding should be a special celebration for every couple. When you are invited, it is an honor, so you have to attend. Some people are preparing themselves very well to look beautiful and neat while at the party. Sadly, some others are wearing the wrong appearance or accessories. If you won’t get the same mistakes, read this article because we will discuss “what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding”.

what you shouldn't wear to a wedding

Probably you have searched on the internet about fashion mistakes for the guess wedding. Then, you find almost all articles showed the mistakes for the women. Well, man, you are wrong. Just because you don’t wear jewelry or bring a bag, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the mistakes too. So, just see what we have below about what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding, and never ever try to come to the party with it.

1. Denim

Just because it is your friend’s wedding, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to go with jeans. Being casual with jeans is a big no for the party. If you love the blue color, then you can wear a sky-blue long-sleeved shirt. Or, if you are a woman, you can choose the baby blue dress or a jumpsuit with a certain fabric.

2. Sparkly Metallics

Probably you want to be noticed with everybody at the party. But, wearing a sparkly metallics color is not a good idea. You are not the king or queen there, so, just forget to attract people’s attention. Even though the wedding is set informal, too much beading or sparkle is disturbing. On the other hand, wearing a sparkly gown is still okay, but just don’t go to be like a wedding dress.

3. White

You might think white is calm, elegant, or any good thing. Contrarily, if the wedding dress code is not white, we don’t recommend you to wear white attire. The white color is only for the bridge. Never steal her spot in the party with your stunning white appearance. As the guess, just let the queen stands alone for that day.

4. No Short

This part is strictly related to all men out there. Even the sun feels so hot, it is not polite wearing short to the wedding. We know that it would be hard but just hold for a while during the wedding only. You can solve the weather by choosing light long pants with linen.

5. Too Many Rips and Holes

This is the very often mistakes happen. A dress with rips and holes might loon unique. But can you imagine if the design has it too many? People will think you want to show your skin under fashion. Sadly, it is the wrong moment to do. See yourself in the mirror before deciding to wear that dress with rips and holes.

We know that recently the wedding has lesser rules, except for the traditional wedding ceremony. If you come to a traditional wedding, there are strict rules to follow. For example, you can’t use black for the Hindu ceremony, or red for Chinese weddings. Understanding what you shouldn’t wear to a wedding is not only keeping your fashion safe. More than that, it is to appreciate the happiest day of someone.