how to wear sweatshirt with skirt

How To Wear Sweatshirt With Skirt That All Women Should Know

how to wear sweatshirt with skirt

A woman has a wider fashion world than we ever expected before. If usually, we see some style, now it growth become many styles and design. One of the most exist shirt among women is a sweatshirt. This shirt is commonly suitable used just for a few styles with pants. However, now it is more than the combination between sweatshirts and pants. Let’s see the way how to wear sweatshirt with skirt that all women should know about it.

1. The Combination of A Sweatshirt and A Short Skirt

Not only short pants, but short skirts also become a great combination with sweatshirts. If you wonder how to look sexy but comfortable, you might wear a sweatshirt and a short skirt. You just need to add flat shoes or even sneakers as an additional fashion. However, if you want to look sexier than comfortable, you might wear heels. On the other hand, you might not worry about the material combination. You can wear any material of skirts such as denim or leather.  Just choose what makes you look better.

2. A Big size Sweatshirt and Short skirt

You might try to combine your style with your own creativity like this one, a big size sweatshirt with a short skirt. This style is not strange or messy but it shows the cute side of you. However, the big size of sweatshirt will make you look simple and cool. Even it combines with the short skirt, it not makes you ugly or looks messy.

3. The Combination of A Sweatshirt and A Pencil Skirt

However, if you don’t want to show your feet more to wear a short skirt, you might still wear a pencil skirt which is longer than a short skirt. It does not show many of your feet. Moreover, the pencil skirt is also possible and great to combine with a sweatshirt in any kind of material. You might wear heels, flat shoes, or even sneakers as the additional. In addition, the pencil skirt will show more of your body shape and make you look sexier than usual. However, the pencil skirt also looks more formal to wear at the office than the usual skirt.

4. A Sweatshirt And A Midi Skirt

Midi shirt almost has the same length as a pencil skirt. However, a midi skirt is wider than a pencil skirt and it doesn’t show your body shape. Indeed, a midi skirt and sweatshirt will not show your sexy side, but it shows your casual look with comfortable outfits. This combination will be perfect by adding sneakers or simple shoes. However, this outfit is suitable for use in casual events and informal events.

5. The Combination of Leather Pencil Skirt And Sweatshirt

We may know that a pencil skirt has many kinds of material including leather material. However, the leather material will look glossier than cotton or denim. The glossy effect of a pencil skirt commonly becomes an interesting side of this skirt. However, a woman likes to wear this skirt because they look more elegant and glossy.   You might also add an elegant accent by wearing heels, a black glossy bag, and others.

There are many ways on how to wear sweatshirt with skirt. You might try to combine your sweatshirt with any kind of skirt based on your creativity. Indeed, you might consider the final look and also the comfort.