The Best Hat To Wear After Hair Transplant You Will Ever Find!

best hat to wear after hair transplant

Do you have a condition where your hairs are not growing and make you had a bald head? Then you may ever think to try a hair transplant so you can fix it. Many factors can cause a bald head, like stress, overthinking, or age. before you do that, you need to know the best hat to wear after hair transplant.

You should understand that you can’t use a hat under the sixth day after the hair transplant. It can damage the hair you transplant before and also dislodging them. If you in an urgent condition that needs the hat, then you should use the loose hat. Here is some kind of the best hat to wear after hair transplant for you!

1. Tweed Cap

After a hair transplant surgery, if you want to use a hat, you try this tweed cap. This type of hat will cover all of your head without giving serious damage to your surgery. You don’t need to be afraid of a bad look because this hat can also improve your style as long as you make it right. Try to mix this hat with a leather jacket, jeans, and a white shirt.

2. Trucker Hat

If you want to have a hat that safe for your surgery and also match with your casual style, you can try this trucker hat. A trucker hat will make you have a good look without choosing the most appropriate style. This hat will perfect if the weather feels hot and you still comfortable because of the airy design. It is the best hat that will not make you sweat.

3. Baseball Cap

This is one of the most fashionable hats that almost everyone had in their room. You can also use this baseball cap as long as you had a big size than the usual one. Before you use this hat, try to communicate with your doctor first to avoid any dangerous effects. Try this hat in the summer with your stylish suits.

4. Bucket Hat

This is the most comfortable hat that will give you a good look with full coverage protection. You can use this hat if you had a lot of hair transplant on your had. You can combine this hat with your unique bad-good vibes that many people use right now.

5. Knitted Hat

This is one type of hat that David Beckham uses after he got a hair transplant too. The smoothness of this hat will give no mean pressure on your surgery so it is safer than others. Also, knitted hat usually more elastic so it can adjust with your head shape so you can feel more comfortable. Above all, you can combine this hat with your fashion style.

So these are some of the best hat to wear after hair transplant you have searching for. Make sure you use all of these kinds of hat one week after your surgery to make make sure the hair recovers and strong enough. Above all, don’t forget to communicate with your doctor so they can give you another better choice.