The Most Controversial Fashion Design Ever

Fashion designers always compete with each other in order to create better ideas. Yet, creating new ideas can be hard. It also cannot be done carelessly. Sometimes, this new idea can be a ‘hit or misses’. People can either like the design or hate it. Sometimes, It also may create some cons. Here is the list of the most controversial fashion design ever!

1. Hairy Swimsuit

A fashion retailer called Beloved Shirts releases a swimsuit collection that has a man’s hairy body picture. The collection is called ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’. It is available in three skin color choices.

This swimsuit raises many cons opinion because of its design that resembles a man’s body. Many people think that the design looks inappropriate. Thus, other people think that it is a unique design.

2. Nazi Sweater

One of the biggest fashion brands, Zara, releases a children fashion sweater that rises some cons. The sweater resembles Nazi prison clothes in World War II. It has black and white stripes motifs, stars symbols and numbers. It makes the sweater more similar with the prison clothes. This design becomes one of the most controversial fashion design ever.

After its releases for a couple of hours, the Spain fashion brand directly apologizes for the event. The company stated that the design is not prison clothes but a costume of cowboy sheriff.

3. Bloody Fashion Sweater

On May 4th, 1970, there were four Kent State University students being shot by the Ohio National Guard. This tragedy inspires the Urban Outfitters sweater design. The sweater has the writing of ‘Kent State University’ with bloodstain motifs. It soon becomes one of the most controversial fashion design ever.

Following the case, the Urban Outfitters claimed that it is not a bloodstain motif. Instead, it was holes motifs that supposed to make an often used impression.

4. Handcuffs Sneakers

In 2012, Adidas release a sneakers collection that has handcuffs accessories. The company then pulls back all the products because it raises some pros cons. Many people think that sneakers promote slavery. Jeremy Scott, however, stated that the design is not for insulting or associated with slavery. After that, Adidas apologizes because of the event and will not sell the sneakers.

5. Figure Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana figure earrings design become one of the most controversial fashion designs ever. The earrings have a dark skin woman figure, which rated as racism by many people.  It also creates the stereotype of a certain race. The company stated that the earrings inspire from Moorish.

6. Lazy Shirt

JCPenney released a white sweater which raises some cons. The cons opinion arises because of the writing in the sweater. The writing on the sweater has believed to be provocation towards children. It makes children become lazy in doing homework. Because of this case, the company decided to pull back the product in 2011.

The controversies above are the most controversial fashion design ever. It usually derived from a ‘hit or miss’ design. These designs come from lots of new ideas that happen in the fashion industry. It is important to create new ideas, but paying attention to consumer opinion is also important. Therefore, fashion ideas should be fulfilling consumers’ wishes and needs.